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June 21, 2017 Gaming Devices, Gaming News Xbox One X, game catalog and exclusive. Is it all that Microsoft needs to succeed? We had been waiting for this E3 2017 conference for a long time . Microsoft had left a virtually deserted catalog of novelties for the new course and those shown earlier were not enough to keep expectations high. We knew part of the answer to that situation would be the new Xbox One X but is it enough? Answers like this have to be sought from the opinion, it is impossible to be exclusively objectives in front of a catalog of games and a technological proposal that we can like more or less each, and if we start from that base, I have clear that games like `Anthem`or `Forza Motorsport 7`have sold me the jump to Xbox One X .

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The Xbox One X Revolution The new Microsoft machine is one of those cucumbers that is difficult to leave behind, especially considering that those 499 euros that will go on sale aim to enjoy offers intended to retire our current Xbox One and take advantage of a short Although nice rebates. We knew that it could happen if they were aggressive with prices and the machine proved to be worth the money, and having `Anthem`on the screen, with the promise of better performance from Xbox One X , easily gets us the change through the gnome while we We open our mouths without too many problems. But even though we all had that idea more or less clear, there was something more to be accountable with Microsoft . It`s here when we remember that phrase: I can not use a console more powerful if I still have the same four games, and it is here when it comes to solving that doubt. O interactive celebrates its independence by giving away the first level of Hitman on Xbox One, PS4 and PC If recently we announced in VidaExtra that IO interactive would become independent , now the Danish studio celebrates this new stage with a proposal very difficult to refuse: from today you can download and play without limits to The Beginning, the first complete act of `Hitman`. This means that we will have at our disposal a full level with two main stories, two contracts and more than 40 challenges and 17 achievements to unlock. In addition, all the progress we make we can take the rest of the episodes or the full version of the game in case we decide to buy them. In fact, this promotion will not be available for a limited time: we can download it when we want on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam . Now, it is not the only proposition that we are made with respect to this adventure of agent 47: during all this week we will be able to make with the lowered game a more than interesting 60%. I am proud to announce that our first act, as an independent studio, is to invite all users to play the first level of `HITMAN`for free. `HITMAN`has had a great welcome and with this offer we hope that many more will be enthusiastic about our game. We think this is the best cover letter of Hitman. So jump and try it After several deliveries of the hand of Eidos and Square Enix, `Hitman`has consolidated as one of the best bets of infiltration and stealth , its leap to episodic format an interesting success to be able to embrace the adventure at our pace while the Study was taking its time in shaping each level. What is clear is that Agent 47 has always had the resources to infiltrate anywhere, but none have been so clever as this. Read More April 27, 2017 Gaming Devices Xbox Scorpio: Microsoft Unlocks 1 GB Extra RAM for Game Developers Mike Ybarra , corporate vice president of the Xbox and Windows gaming platform, today confirmed that developers will have 1GB of extra RAM for their games on the Xbox Scorpio. Or what is the same: will have 9 GB of RAM instead of the eight that had been announced initially . Until today we knew that of the 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM that includes the Xbox Scorpio ( to compare, the PS4 Pro has 8 GB of RAM + 1 GB DDR3 ), 4 GB would be reserved for the system and the remaining 8 GB for games . With the announcement of Ybarra we go to 9 GB for games and only 3 GB of RAM dedicated to the system. The funny thing is that the Xbox One also reserves 3 GB of RAM for the system. We originally believed that the Scorpio needed those 4GBs because, among other things, it offers native 4K , but the company has somehow managed to reduce the amount of RAM needed and unlock that extra giga for developers. In addition to this, Ybarra has confirmed that, when a game does not make use of the 9 GB it has at its disposal, the rest of RAM will be used as a cache for things to load faster, for example. Ybarra assured that, in short, all games will be better, as they will benefit from this in one way or another. And all this a few days after Microsoft finally unveils the Scorpio in E3 ! Read More March 24, 2017 Gaming News Nintendo arranges the desynchronization of Joy-Con with foam! An Australian journalist from the CNET portal has located Nintendo `s solution for the problems of desynchronization of the Joy-Con left of Nintendo Switch . It has been very practical to make a photograph of the internal circuitry of the device before and after the repair to see the solution clear: a small piece of polystyrene, a kind of foam insulation, has been added in the lower right to solve the problems of accessory. Upon receiving the unit and knowing of complaints from some users of the new hybrid system from Nintendo , Sean Hollister decided to buy a new Joy-Con to check if the firm has decided to change its manufacturing to include the small piece of polystyrene inside the New units of the pad, but it seems that the version bought in the store did not include the arrangement for the moment. Will it be included in the new controls that Nintendo makes from now on? It`s a mystery. When contacting Nintendo to see if the added gift will be included in future remittances from Joy-Con, the company did not want to confirm it. However, it has clarified that the accessory units that have required repair by its users are similar to those we have had with any new hardware that Nintendo has launched.`` The practical solution has proven to be enough to make the controller work perfectly during game sessions. The Australian technical service, at least, has proven to be quick and responsive receiving and repairing the unit in just over a week. It`s worth noting that the polystyrene used for the Joy-Con is not like the one anyone could buy at a regular store: TechRepublic`s Bill Detwiler explains that it is a piece treated with nickel or copper (or both) To protect the device from any interference that may complicate its operation. Of course, it is not recommended that the users themselves try to perform the repair at home: in the case of detecting a defective Joy-Con, we recommend contacting the technical service of the Japanese company. For any information on this, do not hesitate to consult the official website of Nintendo Ib‚rica to know where to call or contact in case of failure. Read More March 21, 2017 Gaming News, Latest Gaming Gadgets Xbox is for anniversary! 15 years after its launch in Europe It arrived at the stores next to games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Oddworld: Munch`s Oddysee or Project Gotham Racing. Today is a special day for the Xbox family in Europe; Marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of Microsoft `s first game console on the old continent, where it landed four months after its arrival in the United States. He did it with great video games like Halo: Combat Evolved , Project Gotham Racing or Munch`s Oddysee . Among its achievements, it emphasizes, in addition to its technical power, the importance it granted to the online game, making Xbox Live a fundamental piece for the business of Microsoft. Xbox was born in late 2001 and ceased production of new machines in 2008; More than 24 million consoles had been sold all over the world at that time. Read More February 21, 2017 Gaming News, Latest Gaming Gadgets Microsoft clarifies new details of its Xbox Game Pass Media, users and businesses are still embodying Microsoft `s surprising and promising move with its new Xbox Game Pass a la carte gaming service . The program will launch on a date to be determined next spring, and allows the player to access a wide catalog of exclusive and cross-platform Xbox 360 and Xbox One video games . Although the Redmond have already explained enough details of the platform, many users still have doubts about the service, and an internal source like Aaron Greenberg , marketing boss of the division, has not hesitated to come out to answer some of the doubts Exposed by their followers on Twitter. The first is that the format is a unit price, so users can not afford to pay a full year to take advantage of some type of discount: they must agree to pay the monthly fee of 9.99 euros . The second is that users of the same console will be able to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass while being paid by one of the players. There are no plans to create gift bonuses for the service at the moment, but it does not seem ruled out that a similar option will arrive in the future. The service is already being tested by some of the users of the console, but is expected to reach a total of 100 titles as soon as it is officially launched in a few months. Read More January 10, 2017 Shooter Games This will be the challenge failures, one of the great new features of the Diablo III 2.6.0 patch The patch 2.6.0 of ` Diablo III ` is getting closer and Blizzard wanted to talk about a new feature that will introduce him: failures of defiance . They are special nephalem flaws based on a superior failure that has been completed by a player, with their respective scenarios, enemies, special bosses, etc. What makes these challenge failures really special is the fact that they will be chosen randomly and will be exactly the same for each and every one of the players. But above all, one of its most striking features is that it will incarnate the character that used that particular player , with their respective abilities, objects and in general all their configuration. This function will especially suit those who want to face new challenges with new configurations , since the character can be examined completely to see how it is, but at no time can anything be changed except the placement of the different boxes. The goal, apart from that of trying out new characters and very varied configurations and of all types, is to overcome the challenge failure in the shortest possible time . Being the same fault for all, each player will compete against his friends and against the rest of the community to overcome them as fast as he can. In the case of reaching the end will deliver a good amount of craftsman materials and blood splinters . Diablo Iii Fallas Challenge The reward can only be obtained once and the challenge failures will rotate weekly , so there will always be new opportunities to test each person`s ability with unknown characters. What is still unknown is the date that will come the patch 2.6.0, which will also be added at last to the Necromancer, so we will continue to wait. Read More November 21, 2016 Gaming News An Australian Senator Stops Against Censorship in Video Games Days ago the news broke; One that is unfortunately recurrent in the Australian market. The country`s age rating system had blocked the release of Outlast 2 , as it contained sexual scenes and violence, among other causes . Situation that has led a senator to clearly position against censorship in video games . `The mere suggestion of an off-camera sexual encounter has been enough to be banned by the Australian Classification Board,` said Senator David Leyonhjelm , who believes that such decisions are made `under the false presumption that all Players are underage who are impressed with everything they see. ` The politician goes a step further remembering that people, thanks to the Internet, have very easy to find violent images or whatever. This type of measures also collide in a country where the average age of video game fans is 33 years, so the age classification system should conform to that audience. `It analyzes a medium that someone does not approve or understand,` continues Senator Leyonhjelm; `Every signal that is sent to the community of players is censorship.` `Video games do not hurt anyone, the government and the age classification system should leave the players calm,` concludes the politician. Read More February 10, 2016 Gaming News Crash gets handsome for the release of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy in two new trailers They say that the years do not pass in paul but the truth is that the age has set wonderfully to the marsupial of Activision : Crash Bandicoot will return to the desks of Sony with `Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy`, the compilation of the three deliveries that It catapulted him to the status of icon of the videojuegos , and does it with better look than never . However, getting that updated face has been more complicated than it seems, and we do not refer to the extraordinary work that Vicarious Visions has done to recreate the Wumpa Islands from scratch , remaining totally faithful to the original games; But of the crossfit classes that Crash has received before resuming these adventures. Through two new trailers offered by Activision, we will see how Crash modernizes from the step and the macanudos hairstyles of the 90s to lift huge wheels or retouch his accentuated appearance of furry in a specialized barbershop. And it has its logic: the strong point of the title will be its intense platforms stages and the enormous charisma of its protagonist . As a curiosity, throughout this E3 we could already see the same Crash that appears in the trailers walking the exhibition of the Angels. In fact it was even measured in a dance battle with the same Sonic , and although the first one left it in a tie, we know very well that the bandicoot was much more inspired that day. `Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy` will be available from June 30 on PS4 with a triple irresistible proposal for fans of the marsupial created by Naughty Dog, as well as for a new generation of fans of platform games . Read More July 21, 2015 Game Review Styx: Shards of Darkness Game Specs : PS4 , XBOX ONE For sale in: Digital download / Buy for only ? 34.95 Developer: Cyanide Editor: Focus Home Interactive Gender: Action , Tactical Action , Adventure (Fantasy) Players: 1-2 (Cooperative: Yes, Online) Duration: 15-20 hours Language: Voices in English Launching: March 14, 2017 (Age: +16) Description: Styx: Shards of Darkness is the sequel to the Styx: Master of Shadows video game of stealth and infiltration, a title created around the world created around Of Orcs and Men. The game, which presents a more ambitious approach than the original, returns to be protagonized by the goblin Styx and introduces the crafting of weapons and objects as a novelty, in addition to better rhythm, a great freedom of movement, more variety in environments and skills. And a superior graphic section thanks to Unreal Engine 4. Work by Cyanide Studio, Styx: Shards of Darkness bet on a deeper and more complex narrative, rich scenarios or an improved bestiary where there are no orcs, men, elves and other goblins. Shards of Darkness also features more interesting side quests, Where its main character is forced to leave its hiding place after an event after the fall of the tower of Akenash. Now, the player must infiltrate a supposedly impregnable place, the city of the Dark Elves of Korrangar …